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Geometric Design

Investor Targeting
and Outreach

Engage With Us, Schedule Investor Conversations, Secure Your Funding – It's Effortlessly Achievable!

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Recognizing the crucial role that investors play in fueling a business's growth, our Managed Investor Outreach Campaign is designed to connect you with the right investors at the right time. This process begins by generating a list of hand-picked investors specific to your industry, ensuring a strategic match between your business and potential investors.

We also develop a personalized messaging script tailored to engage and attract these investors. This is a crucial aspect of the outreach, as a compelling message can make the difference between gaining an investor's interest or being overlooked.

Working with Financial Documents
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To save you approximately 20 hours per week, we handle all communication channels including email and LinkedIn outreach, as well as manage the applications to over 100+ angel networks on your behalf. Bi-weekly reports keep you updated on the campaign's progress along the way, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.
List of industry-specific hand-picked investors
Personalized messaging script
2 Bi-weekly reports
Managed email/LinkedIn outreach
Applications to 100+ angel networks
Geometric Design

Outreach Plans

Pick the plan that fits you best and kickstart your journey toward smashing your fundraising goals today!

Monthly Investor Outreach Service

This package provides support in research and facilitates connections with relevant investors to enhance the efficiency of your outreach initiatives.

Investor Analysis

Contact Research

Tailored Outreach

Timely Reporting

Fundraising Guidance

Dedicated Assistant


Full Package

Omni-channel outreach campaign where we help you find, reach out to, and connect with top-notch investors who are most likely to invest in your startup.

Tailored Email Campaigns

Personalized LinkedIn Messaging

Professional Copywriting

Bi-weekly Reporting

Ongoing Support

Setup: 3-4 days


Applications to Angel Networks

Navigate the path to success as we streamline your application process, ensuring your innovative ideas reach the right investors.

Application Submission

Top Angel Networks

Relevant Investors

Campaign Management​

Application Tracking

Network Expansion



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