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Connect With The Most Active Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A Investors

Investors Database

Boost your fundraising with our investor databases, offering access to over 100k angel investors, venture capitalists, family offices, and more. 

100% Qualified Investor Leads

Effortlessly Find Investors For Your Business

At Leadforce, our extensive global investor database empowers you to find the ideal backers for your startup. 

Our lists are organized by focus area and region, helping you find the right matches for your goals. We also offer custom-tailored investor lists to fit your specific campaign needs.

LeadForce comprehensive investors database

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LeadForce Investors Database Overview
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No More Research Needed

Get In Touch With Any
Potential Investor Online

With our investor list, you gain access to over 100k+ names, emails, business phone numbers, and social media profiles.

Angel Investors

Family Offices

Venture Capital

Private Equity

Micro VCs

Crowdfunding Investors

Private Investors

and more

Comprehensive Investor List

We Have Investors For Any Industry

With our investor list, you gain access to over 100k+ names, emails, business phone numbers, and social media profiles.

FinTech Investors

AI Investors

Crypto Investors

Real Estate Investors

Software Investors

Tech Investors

Database of Accredited Investors

"Excellent company that got me networked with many key investors and other players in our Industry."

N. Iyer   | Founder and CEO | Laminar Scientific

An Easy and Effective Way to Find Investors for Your Business

Optimize Your Investor Outreach

Best investor directory for startups

We save your time and take the hassle out of finding investors by doing the investor research for you

Verified investor contacts

The majority of our investors have verified emails and comprehensive data

Connect with investors

Add investors to your lead list and start pitching your project!

  • Access over 50,000 investors
    At leadforce we offer a database of angel investors, angel groups, venture capitalists, micro VCs, and private equity firms that you can use to easily find and create your list of target investors.
  • What type of investor data do you provide?
    Our directory contains investors' names, email addresses, LinkedIn profiles, location details, industry interests, enabling you to connect easily and expedite your fundraising efforts.
  • What kind of investors do you have?
    Our database includes tens of thousands of investors who fund a wide range of sectors, including SaaS, sports, fashion, food & beverage, AI, real estate, crypto, biotech, and more. Our database includes angel investors, angel groups, venture capital funds, private equity funds, private investors etc.
  • What do I do with the investor emails?
    You have the option to email each investor individually or add them to your personal investor list . You will receive a list as a CSV file so you can upload it to mass emailing software.
  • How many investors do you have?
    We have over 50,000 investors from 30+ verticals.

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